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Agrotecnica International has been designing, fabricating and installing silos for over 40 years. While the market and the world around it is in constant change, the quality and motivation of our employees has never changed. If in the office, in production or on construction site we try to make things happen.

We give our employees a wide range of opportunities and career options. Every day is different and challenging. We are always looking for young well trained specialists or people who want to become specialists. Through workshops, training or different formations we constantly try to make you and therefore the whole team better.


Our team of engineers focuses on the design  of silos and its various acessories. Further they work very close together with sales and even do some parts of the purchase tasks. This makes the collaboration between the different departments fluid and leads to a flexible completion of our projects.

If you are interested of not only working strictly in one department but doing a job with a lot of different tasks, why not work for Agrotecnica.




A lot of our products are made by handy craftsman in our production facility in Auer - South Tyrol. That's where we implement the ideas of our Engineers and work in constant exchange with them, to continously improve our work process and products.

But we don't stay inside the whole year. We also assemble our products on site with our specialized assembly team.

With external training we try to make our workers as updated as possible regarding safety issues and the newest techniques and technologies.

If you are interested in a career as a metal worker and assembly specialist contact us.


Benefits and Advantages

Work can be exhausting. We at Agrotecnica try to offer you a good work-life balance as well as a working atmosphere where you can feel at home. It is very important to us that our staff members may tap into their full potential – it therefore goes without saying that we offer further training on an individual basis. As a third-generation family-owned business, we offer secure jobs since we conduct our business activities sustainably and for the long term and are financially independent.

Good work atmosphere

In our team we try to maintain a direct and open approach towards each other. We pull together in the same direction.

Initial and continuing training

Individual training for every employee interested to enlargen his/her horizon.

Company Cars and E-Bike

A VW Transporter can be used for personal affairs. Same goes for the company owned E-Bikes .

Flexible working hours and remote working

In accrodance with your superior flexible working hours as well as working from home or else is possible. Also part time work is an option.

Salary Advantages + Production Bonus

By contract: 13 payckecks

Production bonus depending to the wellbeeing of the company.

Special leave for private and family occasions

Because as a family owned business we care about the private life of our employees and their wellfare.

Varitey of our Projects

Every project raises new challenges. Everyone's Know-How is in constant demand. That's what makes our work interesting.

Flat Hierarchy

Because every opinion counts.

Seeing places & Meeting people

We assemble our silos mainly in europe which keeps your time away from home quite short term.

For travelers: we have some construction sites far from europe as well (e.g. Middle East).

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