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Moving floor - Island

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Moving Floor

Moving floors are especially designed for heavy flowing bulk materials. They are normally installed in rectangular bunkers or hallways. By moving the ladders back and forth the material moves towards the desired exit.

This kind of discharge unit guarantees a reliable material discharge, an exact dosage and makes the storage of huge volumes possible.

The moving floor consist of hydraulic driven moving floor ladders. Those ladders move mutually against each on the floor of the bunker. Through the movement of the parallel placed ladders the bulk material is transported into a downstream conveyor unit.



What do we offer:

  • complete engineering

  • hydraulic installation and tubing

  • electrical installation of the control box

  • complete assembly of the product by our specialised team of technicians

Moving Floor - Termomeccanica - Aprilia
Olevano (IT) - 750 m³





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