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Salt silo - Trento Nord

Salt silos for road maintainance services

Snow and ice represent a major challenge for road maintenance services, which can be solved by spreading salt. In order to make the storage of salt and the loading of the gritting vehicles as easy and fast as possible, Agrotecnica has been successfully building salt silos with special loading and unloading techniques which are individually adapted to each customer for more than 40 years. Most of these plants are still in operation today.

Solid and liquid salt silos
Depending on the intended use, salt is stored as granules or in the form of brine. Brine has to be mixed and that's why we at Agrotecnica provides a fully automatic mixer to achieve the desired mixing ratio.

Our silos
The way Agrotecnica builds silos has proven itself over the years and the company has become one of the market leading silo manufacturers.

  • enameled steel sheets or stainless steel sheets

  • steel structure

  • loading and unloading tubes

  • ventilation pipes

  • gate valves (manual or automatic)

  • weighing system

  • and much more

What do we offer:

  • complete engineering

  • electrical installation of the control box

  • complete assembly of the product by our specialised team of technicians


Pregarten (AT) - 680 t

Salt Silos





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