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Sludge silo Tramin

Sludge and Wastewater Silos

Sludge silo Brixen

Sludge and Wastewater silos for wastewater or waste incinerator plants

If you have problems handling the sludge or wastewater at your plant, we provide you with a number of solutions. Our silos are designed to store sludge and wastewater gastight and therefore odorless. None of our silos is standard because we at Agrotecnica want to respond to the needs and desires of our customers individually. Together with our Team of experts we will look for the optimal solution. The silos have various types of loading and unloading methods and can be fitted with flanges, tubes, etc.

Our Silos

Over the last 40 years our way of building silos has proven itself as many of our earliest plants are still in use as of today. Agrotecnica has therefore risen to be one of the market leaders in sludge and wastwater storaging business in Italy, Austria and Germany.

  • enameled steel sheets or AISI316 sheets

  • steel structure

  • slider

  • weighing system

  • screw conveyor

  • pump system

  • hydraulic unit

  • sliding frames

  • various sensors

  • and much more

Receiving bunker

To make the acceptance of sludge at your plant by lorry as easy as possible, a receiving bunker is the way to go. By remote control the lid of the bunker can be opened and the lorry can throw its content inside. Over a Screw conveyor and pump system the material is then transported to the silo (or else)

What do we offer:

  • complete engineering

  • hydraulic installation and tubing

  • electrical installation of the control box

  • complete assembly of the product by our specialised team of technicians


Sludge Silo Foggia
Foggia (IT) - 250 m³
Cremona (IT) - 2 x 200 m³
Receiving bunker - Rome East
Roma Est (IT) - 60 m³





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