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Warm water tank in Val di Fassa

Water Tanks

Water tanks

As climate change is on the rise we have to look at one of our most important resources: Water.

We at Agrotecnica have made it our objective to provide our customers with a water storage system that satisfies their individual needs.

The silo can hold the water farmers need to irrigate their fields. On the other hand it could be used as a thermal buffer for heating purposes.

Our silos
The way Agrotecnica builds silos has proven itself over the years and the company has become one of the market leading silo manufacturers.

  • enameled steel sheets

  • steel structure

  • loading and unloading tubes

  • flanges

  • isolation

  • and much more

What do we offer:

  • complete engineering

  • hydraulic installation and tubing

  • electrical installation of the control box

  • complete assembly of the product by our specialised team of technicians


Warm water tank in Val di Fassa
Ziano (IT) - 460 m³





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